First time I went to Tadjikistan it was in 2006. I had a big crush for this country. This year, I had programmed a travel in Central Asia to discover the silk road. Since I go there each year.

In 2014, with Tadjik's friends  we created a travel agency: Avant tour which proposes all types of tours in these remote regions of most sporting with most cultural; from a few days to several weeks. By walk, with horse, or with off-roads véhicles.

The objective of this web-site is to make you discover this area to give you desire for going there with or without us…. finally preferably with us. If you wish learn more or to ask me questions do not hesitate to contact me: reymond.annick@laposte.net

If you prefer to communicate directly with the agency: avant.tj@gmail.com

While clicking on the picture of Koulikalon (image on the right) you have access to all our programs.

We can to also propose customized tours.

Enjoy my web-site. I hope I'll see you soon on my silk's road




Last edited: 18/10/2019